The Department of African American Studies congratulates Dr. Sharon Harley for her nomination for the "2023 Honorary Feminist Sociologist Distinction Award" given by the Sociologists for Women in Society.  According to the SWS, this award honors contributions by feminists who are not sociologists but have made notable interdisciplinary contributions to feminist theory and praxis. Moreover, it celebrates scholars whose work has advanced gender and sexual justice and the dismantling of intersecting systems of oppression. 

SWS was founded in 1971 to address gender inequality in sociology. Since 1971, the organization has served as the main professional organization for gender scholars in the US; however, their membership includes scholars in several other countries. Part of their effort is directed towards mentoring emerging scholars; as a result, they are very active in supporting future scholars and their academic endeavors. Their flagship academic journal, Gender & Society, has been consistently ranked among the top journals in Sociology and Women’s Studies for many years. Their citation longevity counts are very significant, a testimony to the cutting-edge research that is published in the journal. Among the various activities organized, they select local organizations that are in line with their mission and give back to the local community by highlighting their work and raising funds in their support via an auction.

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We are so proud of Dr. Harley's scholarship and activism!!

Sharon Harley