If the half baked theory that some are the right are pushing about Kamala Harris is true, Trump's eligibility should also be scrutinized. 

The Democratic Vice President nominee Kamala Harris is facing the same claims that Barack Obama faced throughout his presidency. According to John Eastman, who is a law professor at Chapman University, he made a claim that Harris is not a natural born citizen due to her mom being born in India and her dad being born in Jamaica. Eastman claim also states how that if Biden were to get elected and he was unable to finish the term, then Harris would not be able to become President. Instead the Speaker of House, Nancy Pelosi would become President. A flaw in this theory is that Harris was born in Oakland, California in 1964 hence making her a “natural born citizen.” If this theory that Eastman proposes is true then Donald Trump should face the same concerns due to him stating that his dad, Fred Trump was born in Germany.

Picture of Kamala Harris