Bloomberg, the Democratic nominee for president? Don’t bet on it

Dr. Nichols weighs in on the possible run by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic presidential nomination. “Billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg once again appears to be poised for a run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Though over the years he has switched between the two major political parties and has a history of bipartisanship, his beliefs in immigration reform, gun control, bettering the environment, women’s reproductive rights, improving teacher pay and more are all strongly liberal…It is nearly universally recognized that Bloomberg sees an opening for another moderate candidate to replace former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, which by many accounts is struggling. However, despite these advantages for Bloomberg, there are a few things he is not considering. Firstly, Bloomberg will get little traction with African Americans, particularly women. The old saying that the “road to the Democratic nomination runs through black women’s living rooms” is correct. Bloomberg is forever wedded to mass stop-and-frisk of young black and Latino New Yorkers, a policing strategy that amounted to racial profiling at its worse and was a violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of countless New York City residents."

Dr. Nichols is a columnist, political commentator and lecturer in the African-American Studies Department at the University of Maryland.

former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a news conference at a gun control advocacy event in Las Vegas. (John Locher/AP)