The Department of African American Studies invites all undergraduates and graduates to register for the following Spring 2023 courses. Listed below are titles and descriptions of the courses offered for the Spring 2023 semester. To register, go on and select "Registration (Drop/Add)".



AASP499C: Race, Reproduction and Population Policy
Instructor: Dr. Sangeetha Madhavan
TH 3:30PM - 6:00PM
KEY 0121

Since the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, we have heard a lot about abortion rights. Unfortunately, much of this discourse is carried out in isolation from larger discussions about gender, race, and class and decontextualized from historical antecedents of institutionalized racism, gender inequalities and colonization.  This course addresses these issues through a series of questions: 1) Who controls the bodies of marginalized women (and men)? 2) What is the meaning of reproductive rights for people who have little power? 3) What is the difference between biological and social reproduction? 4) Who has a say in the formulation of policies aimed at population control?

This course is offered for both undergraduate and graduate students. Register as an undergraduate for AASP499C, AMST498E, and SOCY498F. Register as a graduate for SOCY699B. 


AASP498N: Emotional Development of African American Boys
Instructor: Dr. Oscar Barbarin
TU TH 3:30PM-4:45PM

This course traces the emotional development of African American boys from birth to adolescence, the constraints on that development imposed by racism and poverty, and the role of family and cultural resources in overcoming those constraints.

This course is only offered for undergraduate students.


AASP487/AASP687: Social Inequality and Social Policy in a Global Perspective
Instructor: Dr. Dorith Grant-Wisdom
TU TH 3:30PM - 4:45PM
JMZ 1117

The objective of this seminar is to critically examine how social inequality based on race, gender and class, is manifested in Black populations globally. We will examine the large and complex set of issues that explain 1) the root causes of social inequality; 2) the ways in which it is manifested in particular outcomes and 3) how inequalities are addressed by government and non-governmental agencies. By focusing on Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, this course enables students to situate the contemporary Black experience in the U.S in a global perspective by drawing points of similarity and difference.

This course is offered for both undergraduate and graduate students. Register for AASP487 as an undergraduate and 687 as a graduate. 


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