The Department of African American Studies invites all undergraduates to register for the Winter 2023 courses. Listed below are titles and descriptions of the courses offered for the Winter 2023 semester. To register, go on and select "Registration (Drop/Add)".


AASP100 Introduction to African American Studies

Instructor: Dr. Jason Nichols

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Significant aspects of the history of African Americans with particular emphasis on the evolution and development of black communities from slavery to the present. Interdisciplinary introduction to social, political, legal and economic roots of contemporary problems faced by blacks in the United States with applications to the lives of other racial and ethnic minorities in the Americas and in other societies.



AASP202 Black Culture in the United States

Instructor: Dr. Robert Choflet

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The course examines important aspects of African American life and thought which are reflected in African American literature, drama, music and art. Beginning with the cultural heritage of slavery, the course surveys the changing modes of black creative expression from the 19th-century to the present.



AASP230 Social (In)Justice and African-American Health and Well-Being

Instructor: Dr. Ashley Newby

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African Americans suffer worse outcomes than non-Hispanic whites on nearly every health measure and outcomes that link to overall well-being like depressive symptoms or homicides. Health disparities are experienced by other underrepresented minority groups, but because of the unique historic and current experiences of African Americans, the determinants and solutions to African American health disparities are unique. The premise of this course is that African American health disparities are due to social injustices perpetuated on the institutional level that have permeated the lived experiences of African Americans leading to racial disparities in health and well-being. As such, the solutions on the both policy, and community, level must have a social justice approach.



AASP443 Blacks and the Law

Instructor: Elizabeth-Ann Thompson, Esq.

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The relationship between black Americans and the law, particularly criminal law, criminal institutions and the criminal justice system. Examines historical changes in the legal status of blacks and changes in the causes of racial disparities in criminal involvement and punishments.

This course explores the historical changes in the legal status of African Americans, the social and economic factors influencing the relationship between African Americans and the law, the role of African Americans in altering conceptions of race, and contemporary legal issues affecting African Americans.



AASP498E Special Topics in Black Culture; A Critical Understanding of Hip Hop Culture and its Impact on Society

Instructor: Solomon Comissiong

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A critical exploration of Hip Hop and how it transcends race, socioeconomic background, culture, and gender.



AASP498Q Special Topics in Black Culture; Black Discourse in Digital Media

Instructor: Catherine Steele

Th 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Examines the connections between black discourse, oral culture, and traditional media with new digital media technology. Various methods, theoretical approaches, and tools for studying social media and online communication.



AASP498R Special Topics in Black Culture; Race and Sports

Instructor: Tasha Harris

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A web-based class which uses print media and film to investigate the relationship between two issues that play a large role in American society--race and sports.

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