“It can be very stigmatizing for people. There are negative consequences in terms of placing a location and placing people on a list,” Dr. Joseph Richardson, a gun violence researcher and professor at the University of Maryland says. “Are their rights being violated? Are the rights of their families being violated every time they step outside? Are people constantly being monitored? These are questions that need to be considered.”

The Department of African American Studies congratulates Dr. Joseph Richardson, MPower & Joel & Kim Feller Professor for African American Studies and Anthropology, for being featured on TIME magazine on his knowledge on hot spot policing and its effect on men of color, especially Black and Latino men. According to Bates, hot spot policing is a tactic conducted by law enforcement to challenge crime and gun violence. According to communities and critics, it has been an opening to excessive violence and abuse from law enforcement. Richardson capitalizes these concerns in expressing the lacked privacy, lacked autonomy and infantilism involved in this method.


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