The University of Maryland has moved online. AASD Undergraduate Studies and Advising is continuing to provide advising services online. We will not hold in-person advising appointments. During this time, we will conduct all advising via Google Meet (preferred), Zoom, or phone call.

The AASD Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising offers a broad range of academic support and services to undergraduate students. Our mission is to empower students through self-advocacy while guiding them through the successful completion of their degree or certificate in African American Studies, or minor program in Black Women’s Studies and African Studies.


In AASD, the student-advisor relationship centers around a partnership that involves care, communication, support, development, and community building within and outside of the Department of African American Studies.


While our primary role is to advise current AASD students on strategies for successful completion of their program requirements, we also assist students on a number of related issues including university policies and resources, professional development, student and faculty research, navigating university life, and scholarship, internship, and study abroad opportunities.


AASD majors will have to satisfy 2 mandatory advising appointments during the academic year. AASD certificate and minor students are welcome and encouraged to meet with their program advisor periodically to review progress in their respective programs.

General Advising | 30 minutes

Current students can schedule a general advising appointment to get information about program requirements, courses and policies, departmental events, student opportunities, and guidance on university resources and resolving department-level registration issues. General advising is the default appointment type. Students can also schedule an “Inquiry or Follow-up” appointment for a brief meeting with the advisor.

Mandatory Advising | 30 minutes

All AASD majors are required to satisfy a mandatory advising appointment prior to registering for the following academic term (fall and spring semesters). During mandatory advising, the advisor will review progress in the major with an audit, assist with course planning, give permissions for major-only courses, and remove department-level registration blocks.

Prospective Students

Current undergraduate students interested in learning more about the Department of African American Studies and our academic programs have a few options for scheduling an appointment to get general information or to declare a major, certificate, or minor program:

  • Inquiry or Follow-up | 15 minutes
    • For general information about AASD academic programs and courses
  • General Advising | 30 minutes
    • For students ready to declare a certificate or minor program in AASD; this appointment will involve a degree audit and consent to add program(s) to students’ official record
  • Orientation | 45 minutes
    • For students ready to declare a major program in AASD; this appointment will involve documents to change/add major and a degree audit for graduation planning

Schedule an AASD Advising Appointment here 

AASD advising appointments are for University of Maryland undergraduate students only; for all other inquiries or general information, please contact the department’s main office.



BSOS Feller Center for Advising & Career Planning

BSOS College has a dual advising model where students have access to academic advisors in the College as well as in their individual departments and programs, so students are able to access integrated advising services in many places in the College. BSOS College will provide guidance for GenEd requirements, major benchmarks, and additional academic support for primary AASD majors.


BSOS Feller Center for Advising & Career Planning