The African American Studies Department offers a Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies or a Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies with a concentration in Public Policy. All students will take three foundation courses, two methods courses and one of three capstone options. Students choosing the African-American Studies major take five courses in two thematic areas (or clusters): 1) Cultural and Historical Analysis and 2) Civic Engagement and Social Justice. Students choosing the major will take courses that emphasize understanding historical and cultural context, developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills and fostering the capacity to effect change locally, nationally and globally. Courses cover a wide range of topics, including history, literature, health and well-being, family, politics, criminal justice, gender and race, and incorporate both the African-American and African Diasporic experience. 

Students who choose the Public Policy Concentration must take six courses in our Public Policy sequence.  The Public Policy concentration offers an emphasis on problem-solving, analytical decision-making, and practical applications of policy analysis and management skills.  Courses in public policy cover a range of policy areas, including health, criminal justice, reproduction and education, and also address the institutions and processes involved in policy-making. Students have the opportunity to pursue a Joint BA/MPP degree. 

The Certificate Program is designed to not only link the African American past with the present but also to familiarize the student with African people's contributions to the world. Core courses of the Certificate program focus on areas such as African Civilization, African American culture, and history. Special emphasis is given to the African American social, economic and political experience in the United States.

To receive the Certificate in African American Studies, students must take 21 credit hours as stipulated by the African American Studies Program. Advisors in the program assist students in selecting courses required for the completion of the Certificate in African American Studies.