Do you care about social justice?

Would you like to make a difference in the criminal justice system?

Would you like to be prepared for success in a diverse and global arena?

Would you like to understand how gender and race influence Black women and families in the labor market?

If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then the African Studies Department at the University of Maryland, College Park is your home!! With a nationally and internationally reknowned faculty conducting cutting edge research on a range of issues relevant to Black communities in the US and globally, you are assured a stimulating, challenging and enriched undergraduate education that will provide you the needed skills to compete for jobs in ever changing global economy. You will be exposed to courses on social policy in Black communities, the African Diaspora, the slave trade, the Civil Rights movement, gender and family and health  to name just a few. 

Sample of Possible Occupations for African American  Studies Majors:

Journalist-Foreign Bureau

Educational Consultant


Journalist-Foreign Bureau

Employee Relations Specialist

Market Research Specialist



Multicultural Educator


Foreign Service Officer

Museum Curator


Government Agency Administrator

Non-Profit Administrator

Community Advocate/Action Specialist

Historic Preservation Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Community Advocate/Action Specialist

Historic Site Administrator

Public Relations Specialist

Conflict Management Specialist

Human Resources Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Consumer Advocate

Human Relations Officer


Corporate Trainer

International Relations Specialist

Public Administrator

Public Relations Specialist

International Consultant

Public Information Officer